Self-Watering Planter Boxes

Sub-irrigated system illustration & planter box CAD model.

Lumber: [11] 10′ 2×6, [2] 8′ 2×4, [6] 8′ 1×4, [2] 8′ 2×2 Douglas Fir.

Side walls attached using 2×2 cleats.

3″ casters, floor jigsawed to fit, and pocket-holes for top cap.

Corner caps pocket-holed together then primed & painted. Redwood stain.

4″ perforated drain pipe with landscape fabric ends. 14mm pond liner trimmed & stapled.

Soilless raised-bed mix with perlite necessary for sub-irrigated wicking.

6 to 7 1.5cu-ft bags of soilless mix. 1″ PVC input & 1/2″ PVC overflow. ~3.5″ of water. Holds up to 15 gallons.

Tomato varieties: black cherry, berkeley tie-dye, amana orange, new girl.

April – November growth

Corner Boxes & Railing Planters

Same cleat system for corner boxes using 2×6 scraps.

Mitered & pocket-holed top caps.

Additional redwood railing planters mitered & pocket-holed.

Redwood stain (better on redwood vs douglas fir).

First planting & watering early April.

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