Sun & Moon

I made this graphic of the sun and the moon to display with my bathroom mirror.

Sun and Moon
A side by side of sun and moon.
Sun and Moon Fold
Next step split the 12×12 graphic into sixteenths. Each 1/16 is equal to 3/4 of an inch. Feel free to print this out and make your own!
Sun and Moon Mirror
Print out the image, fold back and forth at each section, place near mirror, and violà!

/r/somethingimade thread

2 thoughts on “Sun & Moon

  1. Thanks for a simple way to get the effect that many think would requite expensive complex equipment. Laser, 3D printers, vacuum formers, vinyl cutters and other technologied definintly have advantages but might be out of reach for many. People have been doing wonderful creative work for a long time with simpler technology glad that you showed an easy way for a dramatic effect.

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